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            Welcome to Nantong First Machinery Products Co.,Ltd
            Language::Chinsesline  English

            HOME > About Us > Company Culture

            Core values: people-oriented, create harmony, challenge ourselves, and strive for excellence
            Employees: respect for trust, integrity and responsibility, realistic and innovative
            Team: Five fingers have different lengths, and mutual cooperation is efficient.
            Product idea: There are no bad customers, only bad products. Let the product speak and let the creativity shine.
            Marketing philosophy: Integrity, build the workforce with the values of best and better, responsible, loyal and dedicated.
            Service concept: Not only to satisfy customers, but also to move customers

            CONTACT US

            Nantong First Machinery Products Co.,Ltd

            Tel:86-513-87540518 87540528

            Mob:86-13906275512(Mr. GAO)

            24H Service:86-18912214518


            Add.:No.28,Xindong Road,Dongchen Industry Park,Zhongshan East Road, Rugao City, Jiangsu Province

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